What is a Make & Take?

A Make & Take session is a fun way to learn about new tech tools & acquire new skills, while creating a product that you can take back to use in your classroom.  Not only will you walk away with your product, but you’ll also have access to the designs created by the #eduKATE community! 

 Learn how to create a Digital HUB in Canva & Google Sheets.  Save your sanity, and create a one-stop shop all your essential links, websites, and resources!


As an educator, you use email to connect with students, parents, and colleagues everyday. What if your email signature could also be a helpful tool for them? 

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn how to use Canva to craft an email signature that's not only visually appealing, but interactive -- with clickable buttons to important links or resources.

This year, revolutionize your “Back-to-School” experience with the power of EdTech. Say goodbye to stacks of single-use back-to-school papers and welcome your students and families with an engaging Digital Flipbook! 


Say goodbye to messy desks and cluttered notes, and hello to a streamlined digital workflow with our step-by-step tutorial on creating digital checklists in Google Sheets.  If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Google Sheets, this project is the perfect opportunity to build your skills and walk away with a product you can use right away.

Learn how to digitally plan in Google Sheets! Walk through a step-by-step tutorial for creating a digital planner and learn 12 Google Sheets skills along the way!

Learn how to create a Bitmoji Scene using Google Slides and Canva! A bitmoji scene is perfect for using as a classroom agenda, a resource HUB, a virtual interactive space, and so much more! 

Learn how to design digital stickers using Canva! Walk away with ideas on how to use your new stickers in your classroom & how to store them for easy access. 

Learn how to create a custom Google Classroom Header in Google Slides! Design your new header in slides AND walk away with a product you can use right away!