#eduKATE Academy

#eduKATE Academy is free online professional development for teachers in Kentucky on Google apps! We offer 2 online asynchronous classes via Google Classroom during most months of the year. They will help you prepare for the Google Level 1 Teacher Certification and infuse Google more effectively into your teaching. Previous classes have included Google Classroom, Sites, Slides and more.

To receive information on upcoming #eduKATE Academy classes, please join our #eduKATE Updates Google Classroom by clicking this link. You'll need to turn on notifications for this class so that you receive email updates.

Check the calendar below for upcoming classes.

Previous classes have included:

  • Google Jamboard: The Ultimate Collaborative Online Whiteboard

  • Google Slides: Creating Interactive Collaborative Activities

  • Using Google Sites in the Classroom

  • Gmail for Teachers

  • Google Sheets Basics

  • Keeping Yourself Organized With Google Calendar