Technology Resources

Check out some of the following resources, curated by KATE (Kentucky Academy of Technology Education), to help support you with using technology during your time here at Murray State.

If you would like to learn more about Google, reach out to us about our non-credit course to help prepare you to become a Google Level 1 Certified Educator. This course is offered at the beginning of each semester.

For additional support, or any questions you may have, contact us at or contact Rebecca Simons directly at


Canvas is Murray State University's learning management system (LMS). This platform is used by instructors to post assignments, information, grades, etc. Canvas is also used for informational groups to disseminate information about events and opportunities throughout the semester.

Canvas at Murray State


Zoom has become an integral part of education at MSU. This platform is can be used for class, or to meet with professors and advisors. It is also a great way to collaborate for group projects, or meet with your student groups. Make sure you sign-in everytime using your MSU email account, as this auto admits you to class Zooms.

Zoom Navigation

Zoom Breakout Rooms

Using Zoom at Murray State

Google Chrome

When you are using your computer on campus, we suggest using the Chrome Browser, since the COEHS is a Google college!

Your Chrome account will allow you to access your settings, bookmarks, and extensions no matter which computer you log into. When you log into Chrome, it also logs you into Google.

Signing into Google Chrome

Managing Multiple Chrome Accounts

Adding & Managing Bookmarks

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage for Google Workspace where you can store files securely so that you can access them from anywhere from any device. Drive also makes it easy to share files, allowing you to work collaboratively in live time. You can even access documents when you are offline!

Key features of Drive include storing files, sharing files, accessing files from anywhere, comprehensive search features, and secure storage.

Accessing Drive &

Creating/Uploading Files & Folders

Searching Google Drive

Organizing Google Drive


Racermail is actually a Gmail (Google) account! The following resources are great if you are new to Gmail OR to learn how to make your email account work harder for you by adding filters and labels.

We highly recommend that you add the app to your phone. Please feel free to ask if you have questions!

Gmail Basics

Filters & Labels

Google Calendar

You'll quickly discover that Google Calendar is one of the most important tools you can use to aide your success in college. It goes where you go on your phone, tablet, or computer, so adding an event or reminder on your calendar is only a click away.

Add reminders to make sure you get to class or turn in projects on time. Share calendars with others to keep track of groups, clubs, appointments, and assignments. Your MSU calendar can also be shared with your personal Gmail account.

Google Calendar Basics

Sharing Your Calendar

Using Your Calendar Efficiently

Google Docs

Google Docs is not only a word processor but a powerful collaboration tool! Working in Docs gives you the ability to collaborate with others in real time on the same document. It also gives you the flexibility to work on your document from multiple devices and locations, allowing you to work whenever and wherever! You can also easily share documents with your instructor or group members so they can leave feedback or suggest changes.

Did you know that you can also voice type the draft of your paper and chat with collaborators within the document? Docs is perfect for writing research papers or just taking notes! Located below are video tutorials to help you take full advantage of some of the tools that Google Docs has to offer.

Just type in the Chrome search bar to get started!

Setting Up Your Google Doc

Sharing Google Docs

Making a Copy or Downloading Your Google Doc

Adding New Fonts to Docs

Inserting Images

Voice Typing