#eduKATE Badges

Current Badges Offered

Course Dates:

October 1 - October 31, 2022

ELIA / PD Credit: 3 hours

Learning Modules: 3


Google Calendar, Tasks, and Keep

Course Dates:

September 1 - December 9, 2022

ELIA / PD Credit: 3 hours

Learning Modules: 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #eduKATE Badge?

#eduKATE badges were designed for educators to track and celebrate their professional learning. Digital badges are a “micro-credential” that show the holder is proficient in a specific skill or set of skills. Once an #eduKATE course has been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate for a specified number of EILA / PD credit hours, and a digital badge that you can proudly display wherever you want (email signature, blog, website, digital badge backpack, social media) to show everyone your SKILLS!

Who can earn a digital badge?

Anyone! The idea behind a digital badge is for you to not only learn about technology, but also how to effectively integrate technology into your teaching. The badge is a celebration of the fact that you have set out to better yourself within your field. We want to help empower you on your journey as a lifelong learner.

How do I earn a digital badge?

To start earning badges, peruse the current course offerings and find a topic or EdTech tool that you would like to learn more about. Click on the image of the badge to fill out a course registration form. Once you have registered for the course you will receive an email confirming your registration and the Google Classroom join code. Each badge is connected to a Google Classroom course that requires you to complete learning modules and knowledge checks demonstrating your proficiency. Badges and ELIA / PD certificates will be issued upon successful completion of a course.