Youth Perspectives Vote 2012: “Listen to Me”

Students will:

Participate in a class discussion related to crowd sourcing and the 2012 Presidential election.
View “Listen to Me” video clips, inspired by the popular It Gets Better YouTube campaign, that engages the American public about the issues they deem important during this election season.
Discuss the importance of appropriate responses that encourage positive democratic discourse.
Discuss the importance of young people being engaged in the political process.

Kentucky Core Content
SS-HS-1.1.3, SS-HS-1.2.1, SS-HS-1.2.2
Common Core Content
CC.9-10.W.1, CC.9-10.W.2, CC.9-10.W.4, CC.9-10.W.6, CC.9-10.W.7, CC.11-12.W.1, CC.11-12.W.2, CC.11-12.W.4, CC.11-12.W.6, CC.11-12.W.7



Sub Focus

Technology Component


Technology Sub Component

Multimedia, Presentation, Website

Content Areas

Social Studies, Writing

Subject Levels

High School