Story Mapping Strategy

This sample worksheet provides a model of a strategy which can help students who struggle to understand each of the individual elements of a story or written text. Many typical workbook exercises from reading texts ask a young student to "locate the main idea" and the "supporting details." Finding such information requires students to be capable of thinking about the function of parts of the story in addition to the actual reading of words and ideas. This can be very challenging for students with reading disabilities, as they have to wrestle with the actual decoding and then have to understanding each sentence as a complete idea. This worksheet helps to reveal the unwritten or hidden elements of a story's structure. It is an example of what can be developed, and it is intended as a working model.

Contributed by acsmrcarver

Common Core Content
CC.3.RL.1, CC.3.RL.3, CC.4.RL.2, CC.4.RL.3



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Content, Graphic Organizer

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Language Arts

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3rd Grade, 4th Grade