Scavenger Hunt Riddles - Coins!

Scavenger Hunt Riddles is designed to get your kiddos up and moving as they practice coin values and combinations (as well as a bit of reading). Students solve riddles by matching the coin values and finding the words that spell out each silly riddle answer.

Place the clue cards around the room. Students read a riddle, then search for the card with the matching coin images to the values in each box. When a match is found, the word on the card is written on the line directly below the value on the paper. The search continues until each riddle is solved.

Modify the clues by adding QR Codes to make this a technology rich lesson.

Common Core Content
CC.2.OA.1, CC.2.NBT.5, CC.2.NBT.6, CC.2.NBT.7



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Lesson Activity

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Subject Levels

1st Grade, 2nd Grade