Research the Olympics & Complete Bar & Picture Graphs

This file includes both a bar graph and a picture graph. Students would need to follow the given link to find the number of gold medals that the USA received in each of the given sports in the 2012 Olympics. They would complete the graph and answer the questions that are given. Students can also use the information to create their own graphs with the research they find. Graphs can be created using a spreadsheet (Excel or Numbers) or a word processing (Word or Pages) program. They can also create graphs using the links listed below.

Common Core Content
CC.1.MD.4, CC.2.MD.10, CC.3.MD.3, CC.1.W.8, CC.2.W.8, CC.3.W.8, CC.4.W.8

Cami Knapp, KATE



Sub Focus

Lesson Activity

Technology Component


Technology Sub Component

Website, Word Processing

Content Areas

Language Arts, Mathematics

Subject Levels

1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade