Light and Shadows

This interactive activity allows students to experiment with light and shadows. The first activity provides a light shining toward a projector screen inside a room. The light can be manipulated forward and backward, up and down, and brightness may be adjusted. Various items are provided for observation as the light is manipulated. There is a button that can be clicked on the bottom that changes the setting to "outside." This allows students to manipulate the sun during the day and the moon during the night. Various items are provided again to observe the shadow placement. There is also a clock in the lower right corner that allows students to connect the time of day, sun/moon placement, and shadow formation. Wonderful activity!

Contributed by amyandmmcl

Kentucky Core Content
SC-EP-2.3.4, SC-EP-4.6.4

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Interactive Activities

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Primary, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade