Solving Equations Jeopardy Bingo Game

This is a jeopardy game that includes these categories: solving one step and multiple step equations, solving equations with variables on both sides, problem solving and decimals, and formulas, ratios, rates, & percents.

Break class into 3 teams (or more) and one student from each team will begin. A student selects the category and the amount of points. Click that item and the 1st team that buzzes in answers. If correct, the next person from that team will select a category and points and the 2nd members will try to answer the question. If the 1st group that buzzed in misses I allow for the other 2 teams to answer that question. The first team loses points while the 2nd team scores. There are double jeopardy and final jeopardy. Winners get a prize.

Contributed by mpagan

Common Core Content
CC.6.RP.3, CC.6.RP.3b, CC.6.RP.3c, CC.6.EE.2, CC.6.EE.7, CC.7.RP.3, CC.7.EE.1, CC.7.EE.3, CC.7.EE.4a, CC.8.EE.1, CC.8.EE.7, CC.8.EE.7b

Michelle Pagan
Owensboro High School

Quality Core
Solve routine first-degree equations. (ACT)
Solve real-world problems using first-degree equations. (ACT)
Write expressions, equations for common algebraic settings. (ACT)
Solve linear equations in one variable. (KCAS-8.EE.7)
Solve linear equations with rational number coefficients, including equations whose solutions require expanding expressions using the distributive property and collecting like terms. (KCAS-8.EE.7b)
Rearrange formulas to highlight a quantity of interest, using the same reasoning as in solving equations. (KCAS-A.CED.4)
Solve single-step and multi-step equations in one variable. (QC-D1a)
Apply algebraic properties to simplify algebraic expressions (QC-Cc)
Solve formulas for a specified variable. (QC-D1c)
Solve equations that involve absolute value (QC-D1b)



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Subject Levels

6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, High School