Solving Inequalities Review Bingo Game

This is a BINGO game about inequalities. Students answer each question on paper and mark off the answer they found if it appears on their BINGO card.

Students open Smart Notebook file and create their own bingo card given the answers from page 2 of the Notebook file. (I use split screen to drag and drop items into the table boxes to change the sample card). I then play the Powerpoint as a slide show and pull out numbers from a box (ignoring the letters altogether) to select the question. Students write the question down with their answer then find the answer on their card (if chosen) and mark it off with the pen or highlighter from Notebook. Play game until bingo or until top 5.

Contributed by mpagan

Common Core Content
CC.6.EE.5, CC.6.EE.8

Michelle Pagan
Owensboro High School

Solve first degree inequalities with and without reversing the sign. (ACT)
Identify the graph of a linear inequality on the number line.(ACT)
Write inequalities for common algebra settings. (ACT)
Create inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems. (KCAS-A.CED.1)
Graph the solutions to a linear inequality in two variables as a half-plane. (KCAS-A.REI.12)
Solve single step and multistep inequalities in one variable.(QC-D1a)
Graph linear inequalities in one variable on the real number line to solve problems. (QC-D2a)
Graph linear inequalities with two variables on the standard coordinate plane. (QC-D2e



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6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, High School