Grammar Blast: Capitalization and Punctuation—Grade 3, Unit 5

For a more appealing way for students to practice Language Arts skills, Grammar Blast provides interactive grammar games for students in grades 2-5. Quiz questions appear in random order, and change order if the quiz is retaken.

"Capitalization and Punctuation" provides third grade students an opportunity to identify correct punctuation and capitalization usage. Other keywords: proper nouns, quotation marks, commas, titles, abbreviations.

Kentucky Core Content
WR-EP-4.11.22, WR-EP-4.11.23, WR-EP-4.11.25, WR-EP-4.11.26, WR-EP-4.11.27, WR-EP-4.11.28, WR-EP-4.11.29
Common Core Content
CC.K.L.2, CC.K.L.2b, CC.1.L.2, CC.1.L.2b, CC.1.RF.1a, CC.2.L.2, CC.3.L.2
ISTE Technology Standards

Student 1.1, Student 3.4, Teacher 1.2, Teacher 2.1, Teacher 2.2, Teacher 2.3, Teacher 2.4, Teacher 4.2




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Interactive Activities

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Primary, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade