To Kill a Mockingbird: A Historical Perspective

"This unit guides students on a journey through the Depression Era in the 1930s. Activities familiarize the students with Southern experiences through the study of the novel and African American experiences through the examination of primary sources." Student writing activities include town poem, found poem, editorial, response to oral history interview, and comparison/contrast thesis-based essay.

Kentucky Core Content
RD-10-3.0.1, RD-10-3.0.2, RD-10-3.0.3, RD-10-3.0.4, RD-10-3.0.5, RD-10-3.0.6, RD-10-3.0.7, RD-10-3.0.8, RD-10-3.0.9, WR-HS-1.1.0
ISTE Technology Standards

Student 1.0, Student 6.1, Student 6.2, Teacher 2.1, Teacher 2.2, Teacher 2.3, Teacher 3.1, Teacher 4.2, Teacher 4.4


Kathleen Prody and Nicolet Whearty;



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