Benjamin Franklin: An Extraordinary Life. An Electric Mind

This unit of study about Benjamin Franklin stems from the Benjamin Franklin video series from PBS. The video and unit takes an in-depth look at Benjamin Franklin's life from every aspect. The unit includes eight lessons which cover Franklin as an author/publisher, civic-minded citizen, advertising developer, writer, "Renaissance" man, scientist, and inventor. Over the course of the unit, students perform research on the Internet, publish a modern day digital almanac on the web, and write a proposal for a community service project to be presented to the class.

Other keywords: Poor Richard's Almanack, Richard Saunders, volunteer, good citizen, common good, citizenship, civic activities, commercials, pseudonyms, slander, libel, self-improvement, scientific theories, supersitions, method, electricity, inventions, inventors, patents, broadsides, mass media

Kentucky Core Content
PL-05-1.1.11, PL-05-3.1.3, PL-05-4.2.2, PL-06-1.1.11, PL-06-3.1.3, PL-07-1.1.11, PL-07-3.1.3, PL-08-1.1.11, PL-08-3.1.3, RD-05-2.0.2, RD-05-5.0.1, RD-05-5.0.2, RD-06-1.0.7, RD-06-5.0.3, RD-07-1.0.7, RD-07-5.0.3, RD-08-1.0.7, RD-08-5.0.3, SC-05-4.6.3, SS-05-1.3.2, SS-05-5.1.1, SS-05-5.2.3, WR-E-3.5.0, WR-E-3.6.0, WR-M-3.5.0, WR-M-3.6.0
Common Core Content
CC.6.L.1, CC.6.L.2, CC.6.L.3, CC.6.L.4, CC.6.RI.3, CC.6.RI.4, CC.6.RI.6, CC.6.RI.8, CC.6.SL.1, CC.6.SL.2, CC.6.W.2a, CC.6.W.3, CC.6.W.4, CC.6.W.5, CC.6.W.6, CC.6.W.7, CC.7.RI.3, CC.7.RI.4, CC.7.RI.6, CC.7.RI.8, CC.7.SL.1, CC.7.SL.2, CC.7.W.2a, CC.7.W.3, CC.7.W.4, CC.7.W.5, CC.7.W.6, CC.7.W.7, CC.8.RI.3, CC.8.RI.4, CC.8.RI.6, CC.8.RI.8, CC.8.W.2a, CC.8.W.3a, CC.8.W.9, CC.6-8.RST.2, CC.6-8.RST.3, CC.6-8.RST.8
ISTE Technology Standards

Student 1.0, Student 1.2, Student 2.0, Student 2.2, Student 3.0, Student 3.2, Student 3.4, Student 6.1, Student 6.2, Teacher 2.1, Teacher 2.2, Teacher 2.3, Teacher 2.4, Teacher 3.4, Teacher 4.2, Teacher 4.4

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Multiple Technologies, Website, Word Processing

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Practical Living/Vocational Studies, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing

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6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade