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PD Resources are articles created by the KATE staff for professional development purposes.

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Approximate Price
Camera - Canon Powershot SD 630 Digital Camera (for PD) Murphy's Camera Canon Powershot SD 630 Digital Camera $350
Camera - Canon Powershot A530 Digital Canera Murphy's Camera Canon Powershot A530 Digital Camera $200
Camera - Document CDW-G Aversion 110 $300
Camera - Document CDW-G Aversion 130 $375
Camera - Video, Canon DC 40 Murphy's Camera Canon ZR 40 DV Camcorder $700
Camera - Video, Canon ZR 500 DV Camcorder Murphy's Camera Canon ZR 500 DV Camcorder $275
Classroom Learning/Assessment System --CPS Instructional Unit Einstruction Inc. CPS Unit with Chalkboard

Unit: $2,245

Chalkboard: $150

Classroom Learning/Assessment System -- CPS Instructional Unit Renaissance Learning Inc. Instructional CPS Unit $2000
Compact Flash Card for PDA CDW-G Color Graphics Voyager Compact Flash Card $145
Hobo Henry Onset Computer Corp. Software $129
Macromedia Breeze Fig Leaf Software Software for 40 concurrent users and support $20,000
PDA -- HP Ipaq HP PDA $300
Portable Classroom Pads -- Smart Airliners Southern Business Corporation Smartboard Airliners $3000
Portable Classroom Pads -- CPS Einstruction Inc. Chalkboard $150
Projector -- NEC Mini Southern Business Corporation NEC Np 1000 3500 ANSI Lumen XGA $3,000
Tablet PC Gateway M28-E Tablet PC $1,600
USB Drive Office Depot USB Drive $300
USB Drives 256MB Gov Connection Inc 256MB USB Flash Drives with Logo $15
USB/Card Reader - USB Drive 128MB CDW-G USB Drive 128 MB Flash Card $25
Linksys Wireless Presentation Player Linksys Linksys Wireless Presentation Player $300
Panasonic DVD Recorder Panasonic Panasonic DVD Recorder $250

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