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In the Web 2.0 World, there are many resources that are created for education. Others can be adapted to the needs of educators and students.These are 25 of my current favorites!

ALTEC Tools, No.25

Gcast Podcasting, No.24

Intel Thinking Tools for Teachers and Students, No. 23

Bubbl.us Concept Mapping, No. 22

iTunes, Digital Media Manager/Plater, No.21

YouMail Voicemail Online, No.20

Ning, Social Network Creation, No.19

Voicethread, Shared Photo Stories with Narration/Comments, No.18

Drop.io, File Drops, Shares and Audio Creation, No.17

Facebook, Social Networking, No.16

Wikipedia, Popular Wikis, No.15

Animoto, Video Creation, No.14

Wordle, Word Mapping, No.13

Tinyurl, Shortening URLs, No.12

Zamzar, File Conversion, No. 11

Poll Everywhere, Web Polling, No.10

Twiddla, Live Collaboration Whitespace, No.09

Slideshare, Shared Presentations, No.08

Blogger, Blogging, No.07

Skype, Communication and Collaboration, No.06

Twitter, Micro Blogging, No.05

YouTube, Shared Video, No.04

Flickr, Shared Images, No.03

Delicious, Shared Bookmarking, No.02

Google,  No. 01

Many, many features and more coming from labs all the time. My top ten Google include:

  1. Reader
  2. Docs
  3. Groups
  4. Calendar
  5. Searches (Mobile, Scholar, Custom Search, etc.)
  6. Maps
  7. Blogger
  8. Sites
  9. Earth
  10. Picassa

What are your favorites?

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