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Kentucky Curriculum

Kentucky curriculum was reviewed and revised extensively as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act.  The Transformations document was the vision for reform.  Published in two volumes, Kentucky's Curriculum Framework provides direction to local schools and districts as they develop curriculum. It offers further explanation of the academic expectations, suggestions on teaching and learning strategies, and multiple resources to assist with the development of curriculum and units of study.

Six goals were approved as the centerpiece of Kentucky's education reform effort. The expectations for students are set forth in these six learning goals of KERA. These goals led to the development of the 75 academic expectations that characterize student achievement of the goals. All Kentucky students are expected to achieve the goals and academic expectations.

The Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) were adopted by the Kentucky State Board of Education in June 2010. The KCAS contains content formerly in the Program of Studies (2006) for all content areas, except in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The ELA and Mathematics standards in KCAS are now the Common Core State Standards.

Note: Standards in Science and Social Studies are in the process of being revised. Until those new standards are fully developed and then recommended for adoption by the Kentucky Board of Education, those areas will continue to contain the standards that were originally included in the Program of Studies (2006).

See the Kentucky Department of Education website for additional information.

Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics

Kentucky Core Academic Standards - English Language Arts (PDF)

Kentucky Core Academic Standards - Mathematics (PDF)


Deconstructed Kentucky Core Academic Standards with Learning Targets

English Language Arts Deconstructed Standards

Mathematics Deconstructed Standards


Curriculum and Instruction Resources

Minimum High School Graduation Requirements

Standards Based Unit Design


Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and Benchmarks (Birth to 5) Document


Kentucky Core Academic Standards (PDF)

Arts & Humanities
K-3rd Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
4th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
5th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
6th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
7th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
8th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
9-12th Arts & Humanities PDF DOC
Practical Living
K-3rd Practical Living PDF DOC
4th Practical Living PDF DOC
5th Practical Living PDF DOC
6th Practical Living PDF DOC
7th Practical Living PDF DOC
8th Practical Living PDF DOC
9-12th Practical Living PDF DOC
K-3rd Science PDF DOC
4th Science PDF DOC
5th Science PDF DOC
6th Science PDF DOC
7th Science PDF DOC
8th Science PDF DOC
9-12th Science PDF DOC
Social Studies
K-3rd Social Studies PDF DOC
4th Social Studies PDF DOC
5th Social Studies PDF DOC
6th Social Studies PDF DOC
7th Social Studies PDF DOC
8th Social Studies PDF DOC
9-12th Social Studies PDF DOC
K-3rd Technology PDF DOC
4-5th Technology PDF DOC
6-8th Technology PDF DOC
9-12th Technology PDF DOC
Vocational Studies
K-3rd Vocational Studies PDF DOC
4th Vocational Studies PDF DOC
5th Vocational Studies PDF DOC
6th Vocational Studies PDF DOC
7th Vocational Studies PDF DOC
8th Vocational Studies PDF DOC
9-12th Vocational Studies PDF DOC


Career and Technical Standards

Agricultural Education

Business and Marketing Education

Construction (PDF)

Engineering and Technology (PDF)

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Health Science Education

Industrial Education (PDF)

Information Technology Education

Manufacturing (PDF)

Transportation (PDF)

World Languages (DOC)

KOSSA Skill Standards


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