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PD Resources are articles created by the KATE staff for professional development purposes.

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Making Your Presentations Interactive:

PowerPoint Tutorial 
Step-by-step instructions to insert or hyperlink a video, insert or create sound, use action buttons, etc.

How to add interactivity with buttons for navigation:

  • Example - Civil War
  • From the slide show Menu choose Action Buttons
  • Select the appropriate button appearance
  • Choose the action that you would like the button to do
  • Place and size the button on the slide
  • Double-Click the button to change it's color
  • Right-Click on the button the add text or change the action

How to add interactivity through hypertext for menus and links:

  • Example - Phonics
  • Highlight the text
  • Right-CLick the selected text and choose Action Settings
  • Select an action for the text: (such as)
    • Link to another slide
    • Link to another PowerPoint
    • Opan a file
    • Open a specific web page (URL)
    • Play a sound or video

Downloadable Files and Examples of Completed Template Activities:

Interactive Game Examples from 2007 Summer Technology Institute

Template Files

Free Downloadable Background Templates:

Animated GIF's:

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