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PD Resources are articles created by the KATE staff for professional development purposes.

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Intel Thinking Tools

Thinking tools are based on research that demonstrates the value of visual representation in constructing and retaining new information. Thinking tools take advantage of technology to allow students to convey and exchange ideas, actively construct knowledge, solve problems, and create nonlinguistic representations of what they have learned. The thinking tools from Intel® Innovation in Education have been developed in collaboration with leading cognitive scientists and experienced classroom teachers to provide the benefits of graphical representation in teaching and learning activities.



PD/Information for Teachers

Classroom Reflection

Project Rubric

Intel Teams


Visual Ranking

Visual Ranking Instructions

Visual Ranking Activity


Seeing Reason

Seeing Reason Instructions

Seeing Reason Activity


Showing Evidence

Showing Evidence Instructions Standard

Showing Evidence Instructions Simplified

Quality of Evidence Rubric

Strength of Evidence Rubric

Evaluation of Hypothesis Rubric

Sample Evidence for Activity



Models of Thinking Resources


Bloom's Taxonomy of Thinking Skills

Learning Domains or Bloom's Taxonomy

Revised Taxonomy

Applying Bloom's Taxonomy


Marzano's Dimensions of Learning

Applying Standards-Based Constructivism

Dimensions of Learning


Costa and Kallick's 16 habits of Mind

What are Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind - Australian National Schools Network


Higher-Order Thinking Resources for Educators

Higher Order Thinking Skills Question Templates

Effective Teaching: Improving Thinking

Higher Order Thinking Through Technology Techtorial

Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking

Practical Thinking Strategies, Planning Documents and Examples

Memphis City Schools Resources for Higher Order Thinking

Other KATE Resources

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