Air Sharing for iOS General

Cost: $9.99

View your documents on the go. View documents, connect to your computer, print and email documents, and perform advanced file operations from your device.

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AutisMate for iOS General

Cost: $49.99

AutisMate is an autism communication, therapy, and learning tool that promotes communication, functional skills, generalization, task analysis, independence, and social skills in people with Autism. AutisMate allows those with autism to communicate through familiar scenes, large images of their environment that can include video, symbols, and social stories as well. Parents and therapists can easily add their own videos and images, symbols (over 12,000 included), custom voice recordings, and synthesized voices to fully and easily customize the app for its user's current and future needs. The app was designed specifically for the language, speech, generalization, and categorization challenges that individuals with autism often face. GPS reduces navigation by presenting usera with scenes from their current location. Making custom word boards for different categories with symbols or your own images is made very simple, and users can get to them with just a click. There's no difficult navigation, which children with autism often struggle with, as found in many other speech apps out there today.

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Book Creator for iPad for iOS General

Cost: $4.99

This app allows you to create your own iBooks for the iPad.

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Easy Assessment - Rubric Creation & Assessment Tool for Teachers for iOS General

Cost: $1.99

Assess students easily 'rubric' style with this app. Create or import groups of students, then create or import rubrics and criteria. When in 'assessment' mode easily score rubrics, take notes, and take pictures or videos.

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FlashCards Sync for iOS General

Cost: $1.99

Use this app with to study on the go. Quizlet allows teachers and students to search or create their own set of cards.

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howjsay Pronunciation Dictionary for iOS General

Cost: $3.99

Pronounce words correctly with the world’s largest English pronunciation dictionary. Over 130,000 entries. One-step access to fast-loading, clear sounds.

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iAnnotate for iOS General

Cost: $9.99 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, High School

People use iAnnotate as their "go-to app" for taking notes on lecture slides, annotating important business documents, revising screenplays, grading papers, and much more. For tasks requiring robust annotation and file management, iAnnotate is the only app you need!

CHOOSE FROM THE WIDEST RANGE OF TOOLS: Choose from the pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamps, notes, underline, strikethrough, photo, voice recording, and date stamp functions. Better yet, assemble your own set of custom highlighter colors, draw and import new stamps (such as your signature), and further customize iAnnotate to your needs!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR INTERFACE: Drag and drop the exact tools you need to create custom Toolbars containing your preferred tools. Easily switch between Toolbars with a simple leftward swipe, or open the Toolbar Drawer and select any Toolbar.

CONTINUOUSLY SCROLL: iAnnotate is the only PDF annotation app that allows continuous scrolling through an entire document. Other apps only let you view one page at a time, but iAnnotate gives you both options.

SEARCH YOUR LIBRARY: Use keywords to search the full text of every document in your Library, or, limit your search to new, recent, unread, or annotated documents for more refined results.

NAVIGATE YOUR DOCUMENTS: Our Navigation Panel lets you view documents by their Thumbnails / Bookmarks / Annotations, or the PDF outline, or perform a search that returns results in the document context. You can even search through your annotations and notes!

READ WITH TABS: iAnnotate makes it easy to open multiple document tabs and navigate between them via tabbed reading.

And more!

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iCard Sort for iOS General

Cost: $5.99

The teacher creates a deck of cards using vocabulary or spelling words. The student sorts the word cards by category of choice. Students can take a screen shot of their sort and email you the results for assessment.

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Instapaper for iOS General

Cost: $3.99

This app saves web pages in text version for offline reading.

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SonicPics for iOS General

Cost: $2.99

SonicPics makes digital storytelling fun and easy! Turn your photographs into narrated slideshow movies to share with your family and friends!

1. Add images from your photo library or snap new ones with your camera.
2. Arrange your photos however you would like.
3. Record a voiceover narrating your images as you swipe through them.

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