Socrative Teacher for Android General

Cost: Free

- Socrative brings smart clickers to a whole new level.
- Engage the entire classroom with educational games and exercises while getting student results in real-time.
- Run Socrative off any web browser, while your students run it off their smartphone / iPod Touch / Laptop.
- Socrative takes 3 minute for you to setup and 30 sec for your students to load.
- Saves you time grading and lesson planning.
- Games and exercises on their device, results show up on the classroom screen.

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Educational Uses

Multiple Choice: Ask a MC question, and see student responses on the projection screen as a bar chart.
Short Answer Questions: Ask an open-ended question. Students respond to the answer or express their ideas.
Space Race: Teams of students answer questions in this fast-paced rocket race game. First team to get their rocket across the screen wins!
Exit Tickets: Get a quick, paper-free pulse-check at the end. No need for grading later!
Quick Quiz: A self-paced, quiz on their laptop / smartphone. Results export to a report that is automatically graded and recorded.
Import Questions: Cut down prep time. You can create questions in Excel and import into Socrative.

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