Animalia for iOS Language Arts, Reading

Cost: $3.99 Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

Did you ever find the boy in every page of Animalia? Well, start looking again because he's just found a whole new set of hiding places! Animalia for iPad is here, better than ever, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of this classic book.

Animalia for iPad features every illustration in beautiful detail, with six separate ways to explore and play:


A read-through of the alliterations by the author, with different animations on every page.


Zoom in and find over 150 items scattered through the artwork - learn their names and hear what they sound like.


Play against the clock - easy, medium or hard. Once you find Graeme, he pops up, waves and heads off to hide again. But next time you look he's hiding somewhere else! Over 150 hiding places.


The most challenging game (provided you can resist tapping for clues). Figure out what the mystery shape is, then go find it in the artwork for maximum points. Complete all 26 pages to reveal the secret sequence of letters and claim your reward.


Work out the mystery word to bring the butterfly to life, then head off after it to find the correct object in the pages of the book!


Find the hidden butterfly star on every page!

Other features include:

Interactive animal-sound board
High resolution, zoomable illustrations
Fun, responsive sounds for every interaction
Animated reward download (set it as wallpaper)

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Educational Uses

The 1st game, Explore Animalia, involves finding the hidden objects in each page, much like the original book. Only this is computer assisted and each page of the alphabet has 4 hidden items for the player to find. A tap at the bottom of the page allows you to see the index of pages and choose any other part of the alphabet at any time, so it's a fun game-book to explore. The hidden objects, if you aren't familiar with this book in print form, are REALLY hidden. This game was often too hard for my 4 1/2 year old to do by himself, but we had fun together on several pages.
We had a lot of fun playing the 2nd game, Go Get Graeme, in which the little boy is hiding in a different spot each time you play on any of the 26 pictures. Since Graeme is more visible than the rest of the page (although not always showing his full body) my son could find him with a little effort (time set to slow). This is the best of the games for young kids. The third game is called What in the World ...? and was one I couldn't begin to play because I am not familiar enough with the book to guess where (out of all 26 pages) a tiny item is, but I'm guessing that if you play the other two games and explore the book enough, this game would be the real treat for advanced players.

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