Storykit for iOS General, Reading

Cost: Free

Students can create an electronic storybook. Pictures can be drawn on the screen, taken with camera, or attached from file. Sounds be can recorded as narration or sound effects. Text boces, images and sound clips can be arranged on pages. Existing children's books are available to be rewritten and rearranged. Stories can be uploaded to web or emailed with a link.

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Educational Uses

I used it with students was with a group of 1st graders the first time. For their books (about animals) the students had drawn pictures and they were able to take pictures of their drawings to use in their stories. For the next project I did with StoryKit, my second graders were writing personal narratives and also took photographs of their hand drawn pictures. Students can also draw pictures directly in StoryKit, though the quality (certainly on an iPod as opposed to an iPad) tends to be not as good as images kids draw on paper.

All the students VERY quickly got the hang of navigating their way through StoryKit. It was good to see them being critical of their audio recordings, and choosing to re-record and re-record (without any prompting from me) until they were happy with what they heard. Without exception, as soon as they had finished, they wanted to share their stories. They went back to their regular classroom teacher and wanted the whole class to see their story, and they went home and showed their parents the story from my website. In all my years of teaching, I have rarely seen such enthusiasm from students for sharing their writing!

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