AutisMate for iOS General

Cost: $49.99

AutisMate is an autism communication, therapy, and learning tool that promotes communication, functional skills, generalization, task analysis, independence, and social skills in people with Autism. AutisMate allows those with autism to communicate through familiar scenes, large images of their environment that can include video, symbols, and social stories as well. Parents and therapists can easily add their own videos and images, symbols (over 12,000 included), custom voice recordings, and synthesized voices to fully and easily customize the app for its user's current and future needs. The app was designed specifically for the language, speech, generalization, and categorization challenges that individuals with autism often face. GPS reduces navigation by presenting usera with scenes from their current location. Making custom word boards for different categories with symbols or your own images is made very simple, and users can get to them with just a click. There's no difficult navigation, which children with autism often struggle with, as found in many other speech apps out there today.

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Educational Uses

AutisMate allows you to add your own pictures, videos and voice recordings to the app. The goal: to create visual scenes that help promote social skills and communication.

The app uses the iPad’s GPS to present users with scenes that are relevant to their current location. For instance, on Oriel’s iPad, pressing a star on the sink in the kitchen scene will bring up a video that demonstrates how to wash your hands in the sink.

Clicking on the fridge will bring up a pictures of Oriel’s favorite foods so he can pick something he would like to eat.

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