Musical Me for iOS Arts & Humanities

Cost: $1.99

Join Mozzarella the Mouse in a musical world with five activities, that teach the fundamental components of music. (Ages 3 and up)
1) MEMORY -- Listen to the notes and copy the pattern. Train your ear to hear different pitches.
2) RHYTHM -- Touch the birds to play a song. Learn about rhythm, and short and long notes.
3) DANCE -- Tap, drag, or hold the monsters and make them dance to the beat.
4) INSTRUMENTS -- Play along with a drum, cymbals, triangle, maracas, egg shaker, or duck!
5) NOTES -- Learn to read notes and create your own music by moving notes on a staff.

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Educational Uses

Learn about pitch, rhythm, dance, instruments, and notes

Sing along

Introduce musical notation

Children can compose their own tunes

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