This site is sponsored by Oxford Dictionaries and contains a word of the day, quote of the day, section on better writing, and will answer grammar and spelling questions.

ePALS Classroom Exchange

Connects 1.7 million students and teachers from 25,278 registered classrooms in 130 countries. Use ePALS to collaborate with other classrooms worldwide. Considered by educators to be a safe site of students.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary

The site offers a comprehensive view of F. Scott Fitzgerald's life, works, and influence on American literature. Links to audio clips, film clips, and quotations from Fitzgerald and other notable figures deepen visitors' understanding of the author.

Free Graphic Organizers

Free downloadable graphic organizers of all types!

Google Docs for Educators/Weekly Reader

Google has teamed up with Weekly Reader to allow students from different classrooms to share the same paper at the same time and make revisions together. This site promotes writing buddies, group work and improves peer editing skills.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This website provides interactive grammar quizzes where teaches may assign specific quizzes for student practice.

Homonym Helper

Homonyms, or words that sound the same but have different meanings, can often be confusing when writing. With this site you can figure out the differences between some of those problem words like "effect" and "affect", "lie" and "lay", or "allusion" and "illusion". The site has a link to common errors in English at the bottom of the page that is also helpful. Improve your grammar and help your students learn about the subtle differences in the English language through this site.

Judy Vorfeld's Webgrammar

This website is a helpful resource for anyone needing help with writing. This site offers help in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The site also has a lot of resources to help you write a article, paper, journal entry, or letter.

Kids College

The two subjects that Kids College focus on are Math and Language Arts. All of the questions asked are Core Content Driven. This program does cost an annual fee but is a wonderful investment. The program adjust to each students skill level and lets the teacher track the progress. The children are motivated by getting to play various sports activities for correct answers.

PBS Teacher Source - Lessons and Activities

View lessons and activities by selecting a grade range and topic. Areas covered include Art, Health and Fitness, Math, Reading and Language Arts, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Early Childhood, Library Media and Technology Coordinators.

Pete's Power Point Station

Power point and animations for teachers to use in their classroom. All content areas included.

Quote Search

A great online search engine for fun and clever quotations to be used in writing. A search for "love" turned up 16 quotations, among them this from former Vice President Dan Quayle: "I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix."

Read Write Think

The website states its purpose is to "provide educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction."

Story Arts

An educational web site designed for teachers, librarians, and students to explore the use of storytelling in the classroom. Educators can use this site in a school setting to encourage speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

"TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons, units, and web resources designed to save teachers time by delivering just what they need in a practical, user-friendly, and ad-free format. We offer our own professional and classroom-ready content along with thousands of reviewed web resources, including practical ideas for classroom use and safe classroom use of Web 2.0. Busy teachers, parents, and students can find resources using our subject/grade level search, keyword search, or extensive menus."

Vocabulary University

Free vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery. Exercises are endorsed by teachers to enrich classroom curriculum and to help prepare for the SSAT, GED, SAT and ACT.

Web English Teaher: Lesson plans for Lord of the Flies

This site will link you to several valuable lessons on the novel Lord of the Flies.

Wordia: Bring Words to Life

Wordia - the authorative online textual dictionary, where you bring words to life through video!