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DNA Adds Life to your BYOT Program

Published October 29, 2013

PowerPoint presentation from the Kentucky 1:1/BYOD Institute. Click on the title link. Click on View Resource. It should open the PowerPoint Web App. Click FILE, then SAVE AS, and download the presentation. Thank you for attending the session.

Patriots among Us

Published September 11, 2013

This zipped file contains the files needed for the STLP project entitled "Patriots among Us." Students will select and research a Revolutionary War soldier buried in Kentucky and write a chapter about him to be included in an epub book entitled "Patriots among Us." The file contains an example epub file on the Revolutionary War soldier William Depp, pdf files from the Kentucky Cemeteries Database by county which would list where Revolutionary Soldiers are buried, and the rubric for the project.

Let's Go to Disneyland!

Published January 22, 2013

First and second graders researched, planned, and traveled to Disneyland, using an Xbox 360 Kinect. The project was organized on a OneNote Web document in SkyDrive in a series of student-determined tasks to be completed by collaborative teams. Tasks included locating Disneyland on a map, deciding when and how to travel, where to stay, what to take, calculating the cost, and how long they would need to save for the trip. Learning addressed educational standards including math, literacy, geography, collaboration, research, and personal financial literacy, as well as ISTE standards in critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, research, and information fluency. Following the research and planning, students used the Kinect game Disneyland Adventures to take the virtual trip, giving the children a chance to explore the theme park using their bodies to navigate. Students kept a journal of their imaginative experience and created brochures and post cards to send to family and friends.

Kid Lit Movies: Book Trailers for Young Readers

Published January 22, 2013

Learning objectives Create a visual advertisement for a library book Use critical thinking and ethical digital citizenship skills when gathering visuals and music from the Internet. Equip students with real-world experience and skills in collaborative decision making How do you connect kids with great books? In our library, it’s with movies, thanks to our student-created book trailers! These videos are exciting visual previews of books. In three 4th grade library classes, teams selected a favorite book, storyboarded the content using OneNote, and then created book trailers with Windows Live Movie Maker. These movies are used as digital advertising in our library. They are embedded on our school library blog, and on SchoolTube for a wide range of student and public access. In addition, we generated QR codes for their movies and placed them on the books themselves and on other high profile locations around the school, linking the physical book to its digital counterpart. In the process students improved their evaluative and analytical skills, while creating an engaging product designed to sell awesome books to their peers.


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